Successfully turnover projects while enjoying life at the same time

Steer brings a comprehensive construction software to help you work smarter and have more time to do the things that matter to you most in and out of the office


Stay on top of construction operations, whenever & wherever

As a general contractor handling multiple projects, having to be at various sites to check and manage your operations takes a big chunk of your valuable time productivity, Add to that the paper forms, endless emails and chat threads, and several phone calls you make each day,

Losing time for other activities outside work is due to
several time-intensive tasks - you need a system that ensures your operations are monitored closely, and coordination among different stakeholders is done conveniently even when you're off-site.

Steer is here to help you optimize the way you run your business. It brings together the information you need instantly and conveniently in one place – whether you’re on your phone or laptop - so you can have more time to do other things that matter to you.

"Steer helps us organize our construction business, keep track of our records, and monitor project profitability.”

Maricar de Castro
Co-Founder, DM Casteel Construction

Transform the way you work with Steer


Live life to the fullest by being in control of your business

Equip your company with online tools that boost efficiency, reduce rework, and supervise activities


Be productive whether you're on-site, at the HQ, or at home

Work from wherever with a software that keeps you updated on project activities even when not on site


Consolidate communications & approvals in one place

Answer messages and coordinate with teams in one platform so you don't miss out on important updates

Top Features to Be More Efficient in All Aspects
of Your Construction Business

Boosted Productivity


Gear your teams with a mobile/tablet app that digitizes approvals, requisitions, monitoring & more to accomplish tasks in less time

More Informed Decision-Making

More Informed

Create smarter, data-driven decisions from reports generated using the wide range of information from various activities aggregated on Steer

Greater Coordination


Get everyone in the team, on-site or in the HQ, connected and in-sync with a social media-like feed of what's happening in your projects

Better Grasp Of Activities

Better Grasp
of Activities

Monitor your projects & teams with a software that lets you track project current on-site activities, milestones, and timelines

Improved Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Standardize your operations and free your teams from menial tasks to focus on things that matter with business rule-based automation

Enhanced Data Accessibility

Data Accessibility

Bring all your relevant and correlated data together and process them easier & smoother by integrating your legacy systems with Steer

About Steer

Modernize your business and be more productive, in control, and profitable with Steer’s construction management software. Steer takes a holistic approach to construction management by synchronizing various aspects of construction projects, stakeholders, and systems. With Steer, you will gain unbeatable visibility and a better understanding of your construction projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Steer’s modules – which can be rolled out in your company in different phases – include:

Resource Management, Workflow, Communication & Mobility, Quality, Safety, & Risk, Automation & Integration, Visualization, and Advanced Tech.

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform.